On Being Blog: Wisdom on Alzheimer's Disease Gained from Nuns


by Susan Leem, associate producer

Dr. Karen Santa Cruz of the University of Minnesota examines one of the 670 brains in the Nun’s Study, looking for signs of dementia. The brain pictured here is more than 75 years old and still looks healthy says Dr. Santa Cruz. (photo: Lorna…


Princeton Athletic Director Gary Walters chaired the NCAA tournament selection committee in 2007. He’s been at Princeton since 1994 and gives The Daily the rundown of what he looked for when he was picking teams for the field. Read more here.

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Tumblr Support … The Weekend Shift

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—Episode 26: Crocs, Terabytes, Fashion, and Trucks


How to: capture a crocodile (and escape a croc-infested river), understand what your techy friends are talking about, dress after Labor Day, and make your truck your home. Plus Amy Sedaris joins us to provide some possibly unwanted love advice.